Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma not feeling well..

When I called my mom last week, my mom asked if I can go home anytime soon coz grandma is sick. I know she has always been sick -- being very dependable on medicines -- but my mom said she's getting worst nowadays.
Am not pretty sure how worst it is, but mom said she couldn't even tell day or night, she can't even remember the last time she ate (like a goldfish), and I think occasionally she must have said something ridiculous without realizing it (altho that is not new).

I want to go back. Not just to see my grandma, but also to see my mom. I know mom is very tired, unlike what a retiree should be. Tired with... a lot of things. Taking care of 3 persons from 3 different age groups is really challenging. Different needs to meet, different hearts to take care of, different requests to entertain. Huh... I got tired only by thinking of it. Although Nona (bibik) is around to help out but grandma would never want to be served, helped, entertained or whatsoever by her. She always wants my mom to do things for her but yet, she complains about almost everything most of the time altho I know for sure my mom did her very best in accomodating to grandma. Kesian mak. Just wish I can be there to help, but knowing me, a rebel, I just can't. Being at home might work for a little while but not soon after that, I would always got into my negative self, a rebelious punk! Better be safe than sorry, man!

I had Golf tourny last Sat so no chance to go home. This coming Monday another event in Malacca so most probably weekend will be tight with preparation or at least, packing up.

I don't have much off days to take. I'm saving it for Liana's wedding in Dec. Hope to be able to go back the weekend after next. I know Mizy would want to follow but knowing his somewhat non-fixed work schedule, I would rather make my own plan than getting furious of last minute changes on his side.

I miss you, mak! I miss you, abah! Afaeh miss you, Iman!


EVal said...

Hmm.. Last 2 weeks I went back, memang tengok Tok dah makin merosot. Ada ka dia paksa kak tidoq siang-siang tu. Dia dok kata dah malam and suruh pangge mak memanjang. Kak bagi mak rest gak bila kak ada di rumah, and I took over her duties. Dah la kughuih kedekiang, bila angkat Tok rasa cam nak terbalik pun ada... hehehe... Whatever it was, memang dah kitaran hidup kita gitu kan...