Thursday, October 29, 2009

HQ Cheer Squad

Afraz is the Cheer Captain for HQ NABIT Cheer Squad?!

Haha... I laughed my head out when I saw the email from Andrew. What la? Of all the people wei... Anyhow, I take it as an assignment so redah sajalah. I have Shirley to help choreograph the dance moves with me and the rest of the cheerleaders to help me with the chants. Since I have not been in the dancing scene for quite a long while now, I went to buy the Hip Hop Dance and Samba Reggae worokuts CDs last night, wanted to try out the steps, but haha... in the end, I just sat on my couch and watch the instructor's moves. Hahaha... what a staunch couch potato! I blamed it on my slippery carpet. Stupid! Anyway, people might think that this cheerleading thing is stupid, but honestly, I'm excited about it. Can't wait to move my body again.
The last time I REALLY 'move' was when I was still with Fitness First... which was like... 3 years ago? Hahaha... NVM, with the help of the co-choreographer and the workout CDs, I'm sure we can come out with something good. Really hope the rest of the teammates are as sporting and as excited. Crossing my finger!