Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving on...and we'll see.

Last year (or was it last 2 years? NVM), I told myself that I will start to write a blog, and even if I'm busy, I will still remind myself to still write altho a few words. I even had the name that I wanted for the blog (just to be sure that I'd be motivated to write). But days, months, or even years, after my first post, I didn't manage to keep the spirit, and ended up losing my blog. Huhu... what a waste.

Here I am, having another round of trial, to see if I can stay motivated to write, this time seriously! (I can help to ask myself, for real? Haha...)

Anyway, skrew the past. I'll try...oh no! I WILL write. This time, religiously (again, for real?)

We'll see...!