Thursday, October 22, 2009

So cute...

I was told by my sister today that my lovely niece, Sarah, has a blog!
I was so suprised and curious at the same time.
I was wondering what a 6 year old girl can write in her blog.
My thought was: "Eleh... mesti mama dia yang tulis and claim that it's her writing"

Out of curiosity, I read her blog and hahaha... I couldn't stop from laughing.
She actually wrote it herself (I could tell by the style of writing)!
So cute! Especially the part where she wrote about her sore eye and her badminton session with her mak su.

I just can't wait to read what she's gonna write some more.
I'm sure kids being kids, altho they write in their own language, they are actually trying to express themselves.

With one condition, mama, don't filter what your daughter writes! Hahahahahaha....


Sarah Yang Cute! said...

Afraz, nanti kakak nak cerita pasal ikan kakak mati. Jangan lupa baca tau. Okay, bye.