Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting slimmer (and a thigh-gap) made easier with XIERRA Thermal Pants!

I have not been working out for the past 10 years… well… for the same old excuses - got married, gave birth (twice!), busy schedule, no time, too lazy, and the list goes on. But recently when my whole body felt like it’s getting stiffer (I couldn’t stretch as much as I could) and my stamina started to deteriorate, it hit me that I needed to work out again. Keeping up with my 2 little soldiers at home had become a challenge at some point. So, I started working out again. The first move after 10 years was no other than a torture, but definitely a satisfying one. Hehe…

Determined to lose a few inches off my thighs, hips and tummy, I opt for thermal pants, which are also known as rubber pants or sauna pants. For my mission (chewahhh....) I chose XIERRA Thermal Pants by @xierra.official.This thermal pants is made up of neothermal fabric technology & nylon, specially designed to enhance sweat production and burn more calories while working out.

I’ve been wearing #xierrathermalpants for the past 2 weeks, during almost every workout (at least three times a week), and I am very happy with the result. I may not have the thigh-gap I’ve been dreaming of yet, but yes, I do notice some improvements on the shape of my thighs and hip. Yess!!! Oh…guess what, with this thermal pants, I started to sweat even before I started to workout. How exciting!

XIERRA Thermal Pants is light, dry and very comfortable, perfect for any kind of workouts that needs stretching or to be used underneath your clothing. It fits perfectly like a glove regardless your body shape. It helped my body to sweat more than usual (hence burned more calories), increased my metabolism (generally speaking), as well as increased my mental and physical endurance (psychologically made me feel tougher…haha…). With its dynamic flexibility, it moves with my body through any type of exercises I do, be it cardio workouts, yoga, boxing, aerobics or even Zumba dancing. I even wear it to the office, underneath my office attire. The best part is no one at my office noticed it. I also wore it to sleep, replacing my thick heavy blanket, just because I can hardly stand the cold at night, especially when my thick-skinned husband turn on the aircond...haha.

I have mentioned how flexible XIERRA Thermal Pants is, haven't I? Who would have thought I could fit into S size considering how big my thigh is...haha... After a few more sessions, I have no doubt that I can 'upgrade' to XS in no time! Yezza! Never in my life I could have thought I can wear anything XS.

So if you wish to get XIERRA Thermal Pants, please first consult on the size suitable for your body. Recommendation will be based on the size of your waist and hips.

XIERRA Thermal Pants is priced at RM139.00, with NO postage fee, BUT guaranteed Return-Of-Investment! Interestingly, with every purchase of XIERRA Thermal Pants, you will receive a "Home Workout Guide", SECRETS to lose inches off your thighs, hips and stomach in a healthier way. You will also be getting a FREE daily diet plan that is makes losing weight much easier and simpler, without having to starve yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose when you make such a smart investment on XIERRA Thermal Pants, except inches off your thigh, hip and tummy, and some pounds! Changes can be seen as early as 5-7 days depending on individual’s body.

Not just that, if you purchase XIERRA Thermal Pants now, you stand a chance to win RM1,000 in #xierraweightlosschallenge. It is really simple!

- LIKE XIERRA Facebook page

- SHARE the #xierraweightlosschallenge post (click here) (Oh… don’t forget to make your share public)

- Upload your BEFORE and AFTER photo on your Facebook page, with a caption on how XIERRA Thermal Pants helped change your lifestyle, and don’t forget to include hashtag #xierraweightlosschallenge

You MUST be holding or even better, wearing XIERRA Thermal Pants, as proof of purchase.

Photo of the best transformation, with the most impactful caption will be crowned winner in January. It’s mid-November now, so you still have lots of time to join this challenge, so that come January, you will go out slimmer and RM1,000 richer!

For more information on XIERRA Thermal Pants or to place your order:

Whatsapp: 010-847 2611
Instagram: @xierra.official

Jomm!!! Let’s have a slimmer body and a healthier life together!


Aliza Sara said...

Wah, mcm bagus la seluar ni. Before workout pun dh peluh