Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017! A new start to a journey full of opportunities.

When it comes to New Year, everybody would, or rather should have new resolution, in the quest to be better than the previous year, be it in personal life or in career development. I am included. Having wearing many hats at the same time, I have several sets of new resolutions… haha… pretty ambitious, huh? 

Getting a six packs by Aidilfitri ~ Getting out of debt ~ Eating healthier ~ Saving more money or making smarter money decisions ~ Spending more time with family ~ Quitting addictions ~ Going back to college ~ Spending time more productively ~ Getting around to completion of creative goals ~ Promising to call home more often ~ Deciding to a better husband or wife ~ Vowing to start eating better ~ Committing to sticking to budget

And the list goes on and on and on… 

So to cut short, as far as my blogging activity is concern… my new resolution is to keep on writing. I shall write anything about everything regardless there is anyone paying any interest in reading it or not, as long as I get my writing back on track before I can let my writing skill flow freely, and eventually gain higher readership, than zero now… huhu…

So, let’s hope for more entries to come. Cheers!


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