Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Road to London - Enactus World Cup 2017!

To start off my 2017, I’d like to share my travelling mission - Enactus World Cup 2017 in London! Though it will be a working trip, I still very much look forward to the new experience abroad, meeting new people, experiencing the new culture, new scenery and everything there is in the heart of UK. 

Here is a snippet on what Enactus World Cup is all about.

Enactus, an international nonprofit organisation with 70,500+ students from 1,700+ universities in 36 countries, has chosen London to host its signature global event – Enactus World Cup. From 26 – 28 September 2017, a select group of 3,500 students, business, academic and government leaders from around the globe will gather in London for this special event that includes three unforgettable days of collaboration, competition and celebration.

The members of Enactus believe that entrepreneurial action can create a better world for us all. Guided by academic professionals and supported by business executives, Enactus students apply their talents and innovative thinking to create community development projects focused on areas such as entrepreneurship, food security, access to water and women’s economic empowerment that empower others to improve their livelihoods.

Like in business, competition in the social sector encourages creativity and rewards results. At the Enactus World Cup, the National Champion team from each of the 36 participating countries have the opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial action they took to raise the standard of living for others. Top global business executives serve as judges, evaluating the teams’ performance and ultimately select one as the Enactus World Champion.

In addition, event participants have the opportunity to challenge the status-quo of thought leaders as they engage in an interactive dialogue with globalaction leaders. Through a series of forums, networking activities and breakout sessions attendees are able to experience the energy created when world business leaders intersect with student innovators, and how together they are able to motivate personal change and drive new ideas.

And throughout it all, Enactus World Cup celebrates the diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.

So guys! Mark your calendar on 26 - 28 September 2017! See you in London, Insya-Allah!